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Replacement (SA1238A2) Circle Fan


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Polar Fan Cond G608 G609 G6010 G611 Evap CC663 CD080 CD082 CD084 CD086 CD087 CD088 CD089 CD610 CD612 CD614 CD616 CD610-A CD612-A CD613-A CD614-A CD615-A CD081-A DL815-A DL816-A DL818-A DL819-A DM075-A DM076-A CD984-A G CE205 CC601-B CC605-B CB931-B CB930-B CB929-B G623 G622-A G597-A CD613-A CD085-A CD082-A CD083-A CD084-A

Fits G608, G609, G610, G611, CC663, CD080, CD081, CD082, CD083, CD084, CD086, CD087, CD088, CD089, CD610, CD612,CD614, CD616, CL108 and CL109

Product code: AB339

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