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Vegware Compostable Hot Food Pot Flat Lids 350ml / 12oz and 455ml / 16oz (Pack of 500)


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Combining sustainability and practicality, these flat Vegware compostable hot food pot lids are perfect for any business wanting to become more environmentally responsible. As these lids are made from plant-based CPLA, they can be fully composted within 12 weeks if sent to a commercial composting facility. By sending these lids for composting, you can start to divert more of your waste away from harmful and heavily taxed landfill sites. The plant-based materials used to make these lids are also highly renewable, giving you great eco-friendly substitutes for traditional, oil-based plastic lids.

The CPLA material means these lids are also incredibly heat resistant, allowing them to be safely used with everything from hot soups to porridge. These lids are suitable for use with the GF046 and GF047 Vegware compostable food pots (sold separately).

Pack Quantity: 500.

Product code: GF048

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