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Vegware Compostable Cold Portion Pots 59ml / 2oz (Pack of 2000)


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Serve your dips, dressings and small snacks in a more sustainable way with these 2oz Vegware compostable cold portion pots. As these portion pots are entirely made from plant-based PLA, they can be fully composted within 12 weeks if sent to a commercial composting facility. By sending these pots for composting, you can divert your waste away from harmful landfill sites and send it into a more Earth-friendly waste stream. The plant-based materials used to make these pots are also highly renewable, giving you great green alternatives to standard oil-based plastic pots.

The PLA material does not sacrifice on practicality however. The pots are fully transparent, enabling a better view of your delicious sauces and snacks.

Pack Quantity: 2000

Product code: GK103

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