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Vegware Compostable Cold Portion Pot Lids 59ml / 2oz and 118ml / 4oz


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Take small steps towards a more eco-friendly operation by switching to these Vegware compostable cold portion pot lids. As these lids are made from plant-based PLA, they will fully compost within 12 weeks when sent to a commercial composting facility. This will help you divert your rubbish away from harmful, expensive landfill sites and into more environmentally friendly waste streams. The plant-based materials used to make these lids are also highly renewable, further helping to improve your business's green footprint.

As functional as they are Earth-friendly, these lids are also fully transparent, making it easy for your staff or customers to identify and view the contents within. Pair these lids with the GK103 Vegware compostable cold portion pots for a truly sustainable way to serve your jams, condiments and sauces.

Pack Quantity: 2000

Product code: GK104

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