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Fiesta Green Compostable Coffee Cups Double Wall 355ml / 12oz (Pack of 25)

Fiesta Green

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Add an Earth-friendly touch to your drinks service with this pack of 25 x 12oz Fiesta Green double-wall, compostable hot cups. A lining made entirely from renewable plant-based materials means these cups have a small carbon footprint and are not depleting the planet of its finite resources. This gives you superb green alternatives to traditional plastic-lined hot cups, helping to minimise your environmental impact.

The plant-based lining means these cups can also be composted within 12 weeks when sent to commercial composting facilities. This will help you to divert rubbish away from landfill and into more eco-friendly waste streams.

Not just sustainable, these cups boast a double-wall design that gives them great insulation qualities. This will keep your beverages hotter for longer while also ensuring customers' hands stay cool when drinking.

Pack Quantity: 25

Product code: DY986

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