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Compostable Printed Pizza Boxes 12" (Pack of 100)

Non Branded

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Built for practicality and sustainability, these compostable printed 12" pizza boxes are must-haves for any takeaway, restaurant or pizzeria. Featuring a corrugated construction and tight opening-tab design, these boxes are robust and help to reduce heat flow. As such, they will keep your pizzas, calzones and garlic breads protected and hotter for longer when in transit.

Made from recycled paper and renewable natural fibres, these boxes are completely compostable and a more eco-friendly alternative to standard cardboard boxes. This will help you improve your business's green footprint and appeal to eco-conscious consumers. With a design reading "your freshly baked pizza", these boxes will also emphasise the quality of your food to your customers.

Pack Quantity: 100

Product code: GG998

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